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Over the past two decades, Afghanistan has received a great deal of global financial and material assistance. Despite the billions of dollars that have been allocated, there has been very little investment in long-term development projects. As a result, Afghans are still struggling with high rates of unemployment, poverty, and illiteracy, leaving them with no choice but to rely on foreign aid for survival. We aim to empower and equip the people of Afghanistan with the necessary resources and skills to build a better future for themselves.

The Nawien Foundation is a Dutch-based NGO that promotes sustainable development in Afghanistan by focusing on four pillars: education, healthcare, employment, and housing. Since 2016, we have been running initiatives such as courses for girls, and literacy programs for women, and supported small businesses in their efforts to become self-sufficient. In addition to our sustainable development projects, our foundation has been providing occasional emergency relief. We have done this more frequently in response to the pandemic, and the ongoing instability due to regime change which has exacerbated food insecurity.

Our team has been working on a variety of sustainable projects for many years, and we hope to continue this work with the help of our donors, and perhaps also yours.

You can make a difference by supporting our projects with a monthly donation of €4,- or a one-time donation. Every contribution matters!

Projects & Events

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Examentraining 2021

Examentraining Door de recente machtswisseling is bij veel Afghanen de armoede toegenomen. Met de machtswisseling zijn bijna alle publieke sectoren uiteengevallen en is het personeel

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Pluimvee project 2020

Pluimvee project Eind 2020 hebben wij een start gemaakt met een nieuw duurzaam project: het pluimveeproject. Het idee van dit project is lokale mensen helpen

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